Monday, March 8, 2010

T + 14 Days

Monday, Monday. Another week has started, which means another week ended. How would I evaluate my own personal progress so far? I would say I have followed the program about 75% of the way; unfortunately, I have not been able to get in any of the recommended exercise during the second week. I know, I know, there is really more than enough time in the day to do it, but I suppose that the regiment of pill taking and food measuring still has me a little encompassed in those activities related to the weight loss and the exercise seems secondary. Once I feel like I have a 100% handle on the food, then I think I will be able to approach exercise. 

I think I am starting to let go of those cravings for food that I used to have. It reminds me of when I quit smoking. The first three or four days were so hard; all I could do was think about cigarettes. They were my friends, my companions. I missed them. I had to tell myself to get through each day in five minute increments. By the end of the first week, I was forgetting that urge at my usual smoke break times; by the end of the second week, I was free. I think I am almost free of food cravings now. Don't get me wrong...I would love to have a submarine sandwich on crusty French bread with roast beef and swiss, but I don't need it and won't pout if I don't get it. I know that French Bread will be the end of me, so I won't do it, just like I know I won't have that cigarette, ever. 

I just remember the first Medi-Weightloss "Tip For Successful Weight Loss":

  • Be Positive - One of your biggest obstacles in weight loss is yourself. If you think you are overweight, you likely will be. If you believe it is only based on genetics and has nothing to do with you, you will never know and you will never lose weight. Your weight needs a positive nudge in the right direction. Be optimistic about your weight. The more control you feel that you have, the more control you actually will have. 

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  1. Hey girl, finding time for exercise is the biggest pain in the ass, because it's so disruptive to the daily routine. You just gotta find a way to make it an enjoyable part of your routine. I download all my favorite NPR shows as podcasts and listen to them when I walk. I not only look forward to hearing the shows, I often walk longer just to finish them.

    Also, there's little things that you can do that help. For one, never search for the nearest parking space. I recently parked as far away from the Target "gardening" exit as possible. And then when I left the store, made sure to exit from "gardening." There was quite a bit of cardio involved in pushing my full cart across that entire parking lot. :) I'm sure in Orlando you have parking lots that would equal a 5K. :)