Thursday, March 4, 2010

T + 10 Days

Today was a good test of the Medi-Weightloss diet and philosophy which is to make eating well your way of life while feeling a sense of well being. My environment conspired in every way to tempt me to fail by adding as many stressors onto me as possible. I was able to fend off every attempt to get me to backslide: the "unexpected news" stressor -- candy bar needed, please! The "friend eating pizza right next to you" stressor: can I have a bite or maybe just let me have that, m-kay? The "my crisis is now your crisis" stressor: don't I have any double movie butter popcorn in my file cabinet? Through all that misery, I managed to stay on my diet without even blinking. Not only that, but I was able to remain calm in a couple of situations that normally may have sent me into some crazy, irrational stress reaction, like eating a Kit-Kat and a Milky Way bar after eating a meal replacement bar and some popcorn after a Philly Cheese-steak and onion rings for lunch. 

I did get a good giggle today. A group of us are going to lunch tomorrow and it was decided to let me pick where we should go. One of my friends said, "Why is she picking? All she is going to order is a diet coke and a plate". That cracked me up. With friends like that....

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  1. My wife is vanishing before my eyes!! Happy 6th, I love you...