Wednesday, February 24, 2010

T + 2 Days

My butt is killing me! I went over to Mediweightloss for my second series of shots today after work. It is really nice; for the shots, you don't need an appointment, you just need to pop in, drop 'em, take the pain, pay the extra $10 bucks if you so chose to get the additional B1&B6 shot (which I do) and go. They call it a drive by shooting. For some reason, I think that's funny. 

A little background on the B1&B6 Injection: the combination is supposed to boost metabolism, increase energy, enhance the immune system and nervous system, keep the skin and muscles healthy and encourage cell growth and division amongst other things. This shot is not essential on the program and is therefore an "extra" charge. When I read up on all the benefits, I decided that all those things sound pretty good to me, so I am going to opt for them for a while. Of course, those are the shots that feel like really mean, nasty bee with Drano for venom is stinging my sweet tender bum-flesh, but hey, I had major back surgery and walked out of the hospital the next day, so I can manage this. No problem.

How did I do with the diet today? The itsy bitsy teeny weeny 500 calories? I am happy to report that I did just fine, thanks. I may have embarrassed my friends just a little, though. We all went out for a birthday lunch to a Mexican restaurant. I brought my 5 ounces of turkey in my purse, like I was sneaking popcorn into a movie theater or something. When everyone else ordered, I asked for a diet coke and a plate. I'm not all that sure our very ethnic Mexican waitress fully grasped what was up, but my girls gave me some mixed reviews of"that's rude" and "good for you". I look at it like, well, as long as I didn't walk in there by myself, ask for a plate and a glass of water, sit in a booth on a busy day for an hour then leave without buying anything or tipping, I'm still good. Right? 

The only downside that has come up today is that I had to deny Dexter his little table scrap treat that I usually give him from my dinner plate. I think I growled at him when looked at me for a bite of my 3.5 ounce pork chop. 


  1. That food scale is a nasty thing. It makes everything so damn small. It's like your food took a trip down the rabbit hole with Alice. Portion control sux!

  2. Hey Hun! I had a long talk w/ dexter,he understands...

  3. Hi beloved Husband and Matron of Honor --- heh heh, I called you a Matron :-)

    Thanks for reading. Love you guys :-)