Friday, April 23, 2010

Who Knows What The T Is Anymore?!?!

I have been chided for being a poor blogger (bloggette? bloggist?). I realize I have been rather remiss in my reporting to you, dear reader, on my disappearing waistline. In all honesty, it's not because I don't enjoy telling you all of my trials and tribulations through this incredible journey of rediscovering what my body is supposed to look like ("Oh, so that's what my toes look like...neat-o!"), it really is because life has been carrying me away into other things un-piggy-bloggie-like. I think it may be a side effect of my diet program/life style change/weight loss that I don't have the time, too: I have so much more energy! I am pinging off the walls most days. When it is time to leave work, I don't feel as if I have been to work at all! Some days, hubby has to remind me to leave and come home. Then once I get home, it is no longer straight to the is outside to the orchids or to do laundry or planning the next thing. It's exciting to start dreaming again and being able to visualize the dreams coming true. of Tuesday the 20th...21.8 pounds and 4.5 inches. I'm going to the beach this weekend and I'm going to wear a swimsuit in PUBLIC.

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  1. Damn...almost 22 lbs!! We've been on this journey for about the same time, and you're definitely kicking ass. 4.5 inches is major! I wish I could say I had the same energy...I have more, but I'm not pinging off the walls like you are.